Chameleon Startup Manager


Control which programs run at Windows startup



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As time goes by, you might notice that it takes longer and longer for your operating system to start up. This is because the programs that you install on your PC create processes that run when you turn on the system, taking up resources during startup. This program can help you avoid this issue.

Chameleon Startup Manager is a system maintenance tool designed to manage the programs that run at Windows startup, using a graphic interface.

It has a basic user mode and an advanced user mode. In the basic mode, you can deactivate the different processes that run at startup and which you think might be negatively affecting the operating system loading time. In the advanced mode, you can see registry entries and other advanced process management options.

If you think that your PC is taking too long to boot because too many processes are running at startup, you can use Chameleon Startup Manager to look at those programs and make sure that your operating system boots as quickly as possible.

30 day trial period.

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